Health Awareness Programme:- Towards creating a healthier society by popularizing preventive measures, screening (diabetes, hypertension), awareness and sensitization through multimedia contents on handheld / tablet devices viz. prevention and control of different common diseases, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, diet and life style, safe drinking water, reproductive health-family planning, Maternal Health, Child Health, Immunization.

Multimedia contents developed by DIC and its various collaborators (BHU, AIIMS) and other available content from UNESCO, WHO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare etc. are being used. The related content is taken from different programs viz. Blindness Control Programme, Cancer Control Programme, AIDS Control Programme, Revised National Tuberculosis Programme, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, National Tobacco Control Programme, Cardio Vascular Diseases etc.

Methodology:- Health camps are being organized from time to time in villages for women in different age groups. By educating a woman in the family, whole family is benefitted. Asha workers/ Aanganwadi / Volunteers from the local area are being familiarized / empowered to impart knowledge in the area.