Chic™- Computer Aided Design (CAD) Tool: A CAD tool for artisans to make Embroidery and Chikankari designs. Software provides an inbuilt library of motifs to create embroidery designs by the rural entrepreneurs which help them in creating new and innovative designs. It improves productivity, strengthens earlier design concepts and generates large variety of employment and trade. The designs being ICT enabled, take less time to create and it will be possible by designers to add variation to their work. Phulkari CAD is user friendly software and runs on all Java compatible platforms. This software can be used for all those handicrafts and painting works which make use of vector designs in any form. The main value of the tool is to facilitate integrating digital pen tablet devices to provide ease to use interface for artisans similar to traditional way of making designs. There is possibility of creating rich library of designs which can be used in other art and crafts where different types of base materials are used. 

Methodology- Chic™-CAD software of Digital India Corporation is being used to familiarize women embroidery artisans in Majhawan block of Mirzapur district. The women engaged in the relevant trade are being identified and empowered through CHIC CAD software.