Kitchen Gardening: - Now-a-days, kitchen gardening is proving to be very handy for the small farmers. It's the ultimate in practical gardening — growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers in small area near kitchen. Step outside, harvest the freshest and most flavored produce, then cook and serve. This will help the rural folks to grow variety of crops and consume it accordingly. This will enable them to do multi-cropping in a small land outside kitchen / home.

Methodology- Information is being provided to local farmers through Multimedia content and interaction with Experts from IAS-BHU. DIC and BHU  have jointly developed multimedia content on Brinjal, Onion, Pointed gourd, tomato, medicinal plant and organic forming of vegetables certified by C.S. Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur and Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi.