Bithoor Shakti

Socio Economic Profile

As per 2011 census Kanpur city has a population of 2,701,324.The total population of the district is 45,24,324 out of which males were 24,59,806 and females were 21,21,462. The literacy rate was 70.76 per cent.

Hinduism is majority religion in Kanpur city with 78.03 % followers. Islam is second most popular religion in city of Kanpur with approximately 19.85 % following it. In Kanpur city, Christinity is followed by 0.46 %, Jainism by 0.20 %, Sikhism by 1.01 % and Buddhism by 1.01 %. Around 0.02 % stated 'Other Religion', approximately 0.39 % stated 'No Particular Religion'. There are 35 Parsis in Kanpur with their Fire Temple at The Mall


Implementing Partners

Digital India Corporation
(Formerly Media Lab Asia)
Adhar, Kanpur