Bithoor Shakti

Historical Relevance

The town dates to the ancient times and finds mention in several legends and fables. One of the legends has it that after Lord Vishnu destroyed and reconstructed the galaxy, Bithoor was chosen by Lord Brahma as his abode. It was here that he created the first mankind and also completed the Ashwamedhyajna. It is because of these events that the place came to be known as Brahmavarta from which the name Bithoor was derived. Later, Bithoor flourished under the emperor Uttanpad whose son Dhruv performed penance to appease Lord Brahma.

Bithoor is also closely associated with the tale of Ramayana, and it is believed that Lord Rama left Sita here for her tragic life in exile. In fact, it is here that Rishi Valmiki sat and wrote the timeless epic Ramayana.

Bithoor is also believed to be the place where Sita gave birth to her twins Lav and Kush, and it was here they spent their childhood under the guidance of saint Valmiki. The twins were in fact initiated to the techniques of wars and politics. Finally, it was here that they were reunited with their father. It is because of all these reasons that Bithoor is also known as Ramale. Then there are several other legends associated with the place. It is believed to be associated with the legendary child Dhruv, who grew up to be a saint and was later immortalized as a shining star in the sky.

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